God’s messengers, great and small

So this week is going to be a bit difficult to read for some of you, but I pray it can have an impact you can take with you.  Regardless of how you receive it, what I’m going to share will continue to be something I hold onto and share any time I’m prompted.  This weekend I had the privilege of all kinds of quality time with my precious girls.  On Friday night before my own bedtime I woke up my eldest to carry her dead-weight to the bathroom.  On this night though when I went in to get her she said something truly remarkable to me, scary at first, but remarkable to be sure.

*You know… I’m never really dead.*

What followed was complete silence, and I carried her limp body very much in a state of sleep through our nightly routine before plopping her back in bed.  Initially I was scared thinking, does she know something I don’t and began praying for her, actually in all honesty pleading-praying.  I went through the typical fatherly motions of take me not her God, taking the passcode off my phone so they could use it and then into praying for someone to find them and take care of them while my wife was out of town.  It was some pretty scared/crazy thoughts I was praying and having a conversation with God about.  Then He said, hold it.  Slow down.  Listen to me and look at it from a different perspective than your own worldly view.  I then was hit by a wave of emotions as I became aware that God had used her to remind me that we honor, serve, love and worship a living God.

Feel free to take this as you will guys, but God spoke to me and used one of the most precious people in my life to communicate that message to me; He wanted to make sure He got my attention so it wouldn’t be a statement I could have easily overlooked.  God wanted to remind me that not only is He in control, but he is always with me and He is capable of incredible things every day because He see’s us and knows us intimately.  I can’t even share all the details of why I needed to hear that message, it suffices to say though I needed it.  This season of life is filled with challenges great and small, transitions and also great joy (sometimes all within half an hour).  I needed the reminder that I, that we have a loving Father willing to take our place in death so we can have life.  It’s a profound love, and the miracle of that is seen and witnessed by us through Jesus.

We have a Father who throughout recorded history has performed miracles, and continues to do so to this day.  He’s done things that seem so fantastic that they seem impossible and science can’t explain so they’re dismissed after trying to recreate them in a vacuum and under perfectly controlled conditions.  That isn’t a knock against science, it’s a reminder that believing isn’t always at our core or easy, and if we’re far from God or have put up barriers in our lives or around our hearts we’ll take the more plausible.

Luke 18: 27  “What is impossible with man is possible with God.”

Can we explain away everyday miracles, or miracles recorded throughout history?  Absolutely.  If we want to we’ll find a way, we’re blessed with intelligence, creativity and determination.  What guides that though isn’t our minds, it’s our hearts.  Our heart will be the driving force directing our mind, and the condition of our hearts impacts all of our views, beliefs included.  Studies have shown and neuroscience has confirmed that decisions are made emotionally and rationalized by our intellect (yes I am using science to illustrate my point, proof I don’t have a grudge against science).  We trust our gut, then back it up with our brains.

So what’s the condition of your heart, do you have a hardened heart?  Do you have barriers that you’ve put up protectively or even unintentionally?  I know I’ve had a hardened heart in the past, and I was able to make excuses and challenge, even dare God at times.  The condition of my heart directed my mind, and took me to a deeply broken place.  I wasn’t capable of developing a relationship with God, let alone see the miracles performed by the great I Am.  I couldn’t see because I tried to use worldly logic to explain away the incredible.

Jeremiah 32: 26-27 Then the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah: “I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?

Through time, my condition changed.  I am, and my family is proof of miracles.  Living examples of God’s providence, grace and power and so are you!  Explain it and debate it any way you care to, if you do though you’re removing your loving and living-Father from the equation you’re formulating.  You’re taking out a Father who laid down His life for you and is a tireless pursuer of you.  Don’t forget that you are testament to His living miracles, that you are worthy of a love so profound there’s no way to grasp it in any terms we can come up with.

Grace and peace be yours in abundance


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