Meanwhile somewhere in ‘Sconny…

So here I am riding shotgun with a car jam packed with stuff for the next week away from home in the wilds of the Wisconsin wilderness.  Yet I feel like the only thing that is in abundance is anxiety.  Stress over what’s to come.  Stress over what will happen when *this* happens.  Or what will my reaction be when *that* gets said.  It’s a ways away from the joy that started off this morning on such an incredible foot.  Squeals of joy radiating from our home that just the night before had been warm and welcoming for family, yet those things feel so far away.  The reality is, they’re not.

This is where I need to put my self back in a position of surrender.  I need to decrease so that He may increase in me.  He came so that we may have life and have it to the full.  In this moment I need the reminder that I need to let go, and let God.  When I try to control the outcome, or when I’m planning out the result of a family dynamic that’s a pretty clear reminder that I need to stay here in the passenger seat and let someone who knows better than I *drive the car*.   I mean seriously, to plan out every scenario for a family dinner, good luck!

An article was shared with Holly and I from my sister, and man was the timing perfect for me to receive it.  Not when she sent it.  Not when I was told it was sitting in my Facebook inbox.  But when I needed it most.  It was a gift waiting to be opened, and I finally took the initiative to receive it openly.  My faith, your faith is the same way.  It’s a gift freely given from a place of undying love waiting for you to accept it and let it penetrate you and radiate outwards.  I pray this season can be one of *what is* and not *what should be*.  That you can be overcome with a feeling of peace, and contentment in the moments of stillness you’re afforded.  That this season you can abandon *plan A* for *plan Be* and that bit of foreshadowing brings us to the article.

Whether you’ve already been with family or will be again, my hope is that you can be present and not judge yourself in a moment but accept each moment as intentionally placed there by someone wiser than any of us.  I’m so grateful for all of you, and will be praying that you can nourish yourself in a variety of ways and will be able to sit in stillness and feel God with you.  Don’t forget to invite Him in, be invitational with God, and with others and remember you’ve been invited into discipleship by a Father that adores you and can hold you in all seasons.  Not just the ones where you’re singing His praises, but in the times where you’d rather shout at Him.  It took me a long time to think God couldn’t handle me, the real me that is.  That I couldn’t have a conversation about how I really felt when it was grey and ugly inside me.  I thought I was sparing my relationship in hiding that from God, and from anyone I knew frankly, but those things I thought I knew were the obstacles that prevented me digging deeper.  Prevented me from a relationship vertically and from relationships horizontally.  Here I thought I was doing everyone a favor, and it stunted me and any relationships from growing.  God can handle the fullness of us all, and so can the right people.  Show up and remember you matter, you’re important and have a voice.  Don’t deprive yourself or anyone of that.

So yes, the link to the arcticle…

Grace, peace, love and overwhelming joy!


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