God paid for me, for you

Of all the things to keep hearing over the course of the weekend, hearing *He is risen (He is risen indeed)* was a welcome change of pace.  I needed it.  It’s been a challenging Lenten season, I’ll shoulder a good portion of that responsibility as I could have been more deliberate and intentional over the previous 40 days.  What I needed, I wasn’t being fed spiritually.  Whether it was in my daily reading program or even at church, I felt disconnected from the significance of this time of year.

Before the service yesterday, as I was getting excited for an Easter experience I kept thinking about how significant this day is in our calendars as Christians.  I wondered just how much time I spent gearing up for Christmas, compared to how much time I spent preparing my heart and my faith for the Resurrection.  The delivering of a promise made to each of us.  I’ll have some remorse, guilt, over a lost opportunity to dig into my faith over the past few weeks.  My daughters have been better prepared for this than I was, and I heard it in their off-the-cuff prayers at dinner.  Guys, at 4 and 6 they both schooled me and I couldn’t be more proud or grateful right now.  What will it take for me to love like a child?

Unfortunately with two amazing kids with us in church yesterday I wasn’t able to hear everything and digest it all from both Rob and Bill.  What I was able to hear are the things I will hold on to.  If I don’t believe in Jesus, in His resurrection, then it’s all for naught.  He was born, to suffer and die for us, for me.  He came back knowing where it would end, and was given every opportunity by Pilate to be free’d but He wouldn’t take it.  He knew then, that we’re all worth it.  I’m worth it.  Whether I remember that in all seasons is another matter all-together.  That’s up to me now.

We don’t have a God that punishes us, but we do have a God that will fight for our attention because He is jealous for us.  Find me a father that doesn’t want time with his children.  We have a Father that loves us, and nothing will ever separate us from Him and His love.  He made the ultimate sacrifice, paid the ultimate price and He won’t turn His back on us.  Now will I be able to not turn my back on Him?

Grace and peace


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