Every week, I’m encouraged and strengthened by each of you, thank you for being a part of a community you’re responsible for building!

It’s been a gift, a process that I’ve been praying over for a while, and a group that even as we look at hitting one year goes beyond that.  I’m grateful that Jeremy remained engaged in the prayerful consideration for more than a year.  As I look back on that time I remember how enthusiastic I was for this group, how necessary it seemed and how it was needed right now, not tomorrow.

No, Grow, Slow, Go.

I reflect on the four answers God can give as steps, especially during that time.  Despite my own immediacy God was telling me no.  I want you to grow, to build up slowly before I want you to go forward.  How fortunate am I that I was in a place to accept that?

It’s certainly not always the case.  Tom Petty reminds me that the waiting is the hardest part.  But what I’m holding onto is Aaron Burr’s exclamation, I’m willing to wait for it!  It’s amazing how music can be there in different seasons, and how the meaning behind a song can get lost through our own interpretation shaped through the lens of our own experience where we’re at.

Since seeing Hamilton, both my wife and I have been enjoying the music while my girls have gotten absolutely lost in it.  It’s spurred conversations, Google searches and sing alongs with or without the music playing.  The song I’m caught up in right now is Wait for It. While the story behind the lyrics isn’t about spiritual waiting, it resonates with me in ways Lin Manuel Miranda probably hadn’t counted on.  I hear it and I remember that I’m worth it, God is worthy it and He has a plan so I need to be patient.  There’s an energy in the song, a longing and lastly a sense of acceptance that I appreciate, love and need.  That song reminded me yesterday of I Will Wait by Mumford and Sons that has many of the same themes, packaged more overtly but also feels really triumphant in the longing.  It’s tough to feel triumphant in the waiting, but it’s really easy when something you’ve been praying for and waiting for comes to you.

We have a God that is patient, because He knows the plan, it’s His.  I struggle mightily with waiting.  While I connect greatly with Saul/Paul’s story and his struggles, I can also appreciate the fervor of the *sons of thunder*.  Their own desire to do what they felt was right, needed to be tempered and they were told to wait.  Like them, I get caught up in action instead of patiently asking for guidance and confirmation.

2 Peter 3:9  The Lord is not slow to fulfill his promise as some count slowness, but  is patient toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance.

No, Grow, Slow, Go.

My pace, my time-frame is right now, or 5 minutes ago.  I’m thankful that I can be reminded to slow it down, and grateful that I can accept it (at times), it’s a discipline I still need a lot of work on.  The gifts are evident everywhere I look, whether I see them is another matter.  Maybe I should shift my own vision and see triumph in the waiting, not in the answered prayer.

Grace and peace


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